This page contains most of the matlab scripts that I’m using for my work. I normally publish them in the posts on the right side and present them on this static page that lists them for easy access. The listing is in reverse chronological order, there are also comments inside the m-files regarding script requirements and possible dependencies.

Matlab with Sammon’s mapping

  • sammon-experiments-0.m, performs Sammon’s mapping and generates the figures in
  • sammon-experiments-1.m, improved version of the above script.
  • makemovie.m, script to be used in conjunction with the above Sammon’s mapping script; colors the data points where a variable is higher than a certain threshold and generates a movie from that to visually find the best split.
  • sammon-experiments-2.m, another improved version of the above script. Now it generates the figures in the MLDM2009 paper proposal and can also create movies on Sammon’s mapping maps with appropriate coloring of the map to find out where to split the attributes. This doesn’t always work, but may help in gaining insight into the data. Once the paper has been accepted for the conference, I’ll post it here.

Matlab with SVMTorch

Matlab with neural network toolbox

Matlab, model comparison

(more entries will be updated over time not follow, since I switched to R for my computing stuff, see R scripts)