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März 23rd, 2009

Matlab script for IFCS/GfKl/ADAC 2009 article

I’ll submit an extended version of what was planned for the IFCS2009 conference at the ADAC journal (also at Springer). Some of the issues raised during the IFCS conference are addressed in this.

New baselines for the regression model comparison are computed:

  • a simple linear regression
  • a naive prediction: giving previous year’s yield as prediction

The result is that support vector regression outperforms MLP, RBF, RegTree and the two above predictors.

The matlab scripts (one outer one for the data set selection, and an inner one for the actual model comparison), are on-line:

März 23rd, 2009

Two emerging issues

I gave my talk on last week’s IFCS/GfKl conference in Dresden, sticking to the 15 minutes that had been set for speakers, with an additional five minutes for discussion. However, unbeknownst to me, Alexander Brenning attended that particular session. He had been working in the final stages of the preagro collaborative research project where my co-authors had also been involved. Hence, he knew exactly what I was talking about, knew the data and where they came from and could therefore raise two important issues:
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März 14th, 2009

Updated slides for IFCS2009

Here are my updated slides for IFCS 2009, which I’m currently participating in: slides-russ2009ifcs.pdf

So far, there have been a lot of interesting talks and I got some new visualization ideas. In particular, Michael Greenacre had some interesting videos with morphing data points and nice visualizations to show. Earlier on in this blog, I already had this idea to visualize data (or projections of those) to find split values. So there might be some interesting things in this direction.

März 6th, 2009

Yet another talk of mine at a conference

I spent the past five weeks thinking about how I am to proceed in my research. I’m not quite done yet with shuffling and re-structuring thoughts and ideas but I’ll be getting there sooner or later.

Anyway, there’s a talk of mine at next week’s IFCS conference in Dresden, Germany. My talk is scheduled for Sunday, March 15th, in the afternoon. I’ll present the regression model comparison shown earlier in this blog and some ideas on how to evaluate whether a sensor is useful or not for the purpose of yield prediction. I assume that the conference is going to yield some more ideas on the latter question.

My slides, as of now, are here: slides-russ2009ifcs.pdf