Recently, I was looking up one of the sensor attributes that I’m using in my data sets (REIP32) and the google search responded with exactly six hits, of which the first and third referred to this very blog. The second hit yielded a presentation of Peter Wagner, who happens to be the head of the working group at Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg that I received the data from. Since I’m preparing slides for my end-of-month talk at IPMU2008 and if someone wants to see a thorough view on what work has been done so far in this area, have a look at his slides (pdf, 2.5MB). My talk is likely to meander along the same lines, but I’ll probably emphasize the data mining and modeling aspects.

I will probably also show the talk and my slides to the students in next week’s exercise courses, just to give them an idea of what can be done with neural networks. It helps me in explaining and it fits perfectly, since the course is on „Neural Networks“ anyway.