For the SGAI-2008 conference paper it is required that the figures are in black-and-white. I can’t just convert the color figures into b/w because the color maps are wrecked and dark parts in SOMs that were clearly distinguishable before are the same shade of black after the conversion. The som_show function in the SOM toolbox has a colormap parameter. As it turned out, as usual, there’s just one more thing to do to generate the figures in a gray-scale colormap, using Matlab’s colormap function:

som_show(sM, [... more parameters ...],'colormap',colormap(gray))

Of course, this can also be done separately:

som_show(sM, [... more parameters ...],'colormap',cmap)

And, because I just had to invert the colormaps, the following code will do just that:

cmap = sort(colormap(gray),1,'descend')