This project ties in with earlier work done by Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser and Nico Ganter: predicting athletes‘ tournament swimming times using only their training data. It works as follows:

  •  During the athletes‘ training sessions, their amount of training in different disciplines (running, strength, stamina) is recorded.
  • The athletes complete a tournament and their results are recorded as well.
  • These data, consisting of training times and fields and the respective result in tournament, can be used to train one or more neural networks.
  • Once the neural networks are trained, one can predict or try to predict the outcome of the upcoming tournament.
  • Furthermore, one could adapt the athletes‘ training strategy by varying the training parameters and applying the strategy with the best predicted tournament result.

Presumably, this work will be done using MatLab and its nnet Neural Networks toolbox. Since I’m on the application side of the work, I will probably be scripting the neural network stuff in MatLab and publish the scripts here.